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I did it. I jumped on the Dreamwidth bandwagon. Same account name if you want to find me there, or here, depending on which site you are on.

I still read, rarely comment and occasionally post. My last post over on LJ was in April of 2015 so you can base your opinion on that.

I tried to tell myself to post more often but I just don't see the need. The magic and Renfaire stuff mostly goes on my blog at so I'm left with very little to longform post on a journal like this.

Maybe this change will encourage me to update a little more often.
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Those of you on FB have seen this, I put in my two weeks notice this morning. It went much better than I had anticipated. We were concerned that I would be shown the door and wouldn't be able to work the last two weeks and lose those last weeks of pay. The Owner/General Manager, acknowledged my long history and told me if it didn't work out I was welcome to come back. I also told the Mitsubishi General Manager, he didn't really say anything and I only told him to keep him in the loop. Last was my one and only co-worker/Co-Manager. This was the one I had psyched myself up about. At times we've had a rather tense relationship and I don't always agree with his actions or attitude. I was prepared for him to give me the silent treatment and pout for the next several days, happily he actually seemed happy for me and told me several times he was glad I was able to finally get out of here.

My last day with the auto dealership is May 1st. I've been here 25+ years so I really do have a history with this place. Most of it was okay, but lately I've seen the writing on the wall, so to speak.

I will start my new position on May 11th with a small company that does photo ID badges for school districts, police departments and other businesses. They have no weekend hours which means I should be free to perform at those weekend faires I've had to pass on (and make opening weekend for OKRF for the first time since they were a fledgling faire). I will have paid training for each of the three vendors they work with, so that will be different and new. We (Dani and I) have decided that my title should be "Field Technician", even though there is no official title. I will be installing printer systems, software, and maintaining printers as well as the systems they attach to. I will be learning some database management, as well as some web tools. There will be some minor travel one or two days a month, mostly day trip type stuff, but from what I understand their current market is from Tulsa to Omaha.

One of the things I find humorous is that they don't have a company Christmas party, they have an "I Survived the Start of School" party in late September/Early October. Because schools are their primary customers they tend to get really busy between mid July and early September upgrading and installing.

I also think I will be doing some website updates or subletting them as needed. They had a guy that worked for them a several years ago that was in charge of the website, but he never got beyond doing the homepage setup. If you are interested in doing some freelance work let me know and I'll keep you in mind if they decide to go that way.

SO there it is the state of the Matt for this Quarter.
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Still no movement on the job front. I've interviewed at two places and both were wanting to hire quickly but have been stymied by higher ups. Which means that I haven't been rejected outright but there is no resolution coming soon.

On the other hand I've had to restart my CCNA studies, again. I have yet to get through the first book (ICND-1) without something else in life coming along and taking my time and/or distracting me. If we weren't so financially strapped right now I'd seriously consider taking night classes to get it done. There are two companies in Kansas City (ironically both at the same address) that have a 5 day course, one does the certification classes once a month the other once every six months. Once I get that first certification out of the way taking the second course (ICND-2) can take up to three years to complete without having to start over.

On the flip side, vacation happens soon and I am sooooooo looking forward to getting away from this place for a while. Sun, sand, ocean, the chickens...
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I signed up at the Social Security Administration website because they are not going to be sending out regular paper statements anymore to those of us under a certain age. You can view your SS earnings and your annual SS income which is great when putting together applications.

Here's the sad thought, I'm making less now than I did in 2001.
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I'm currently looking for employment. Not because I've been fired or quit but because this place is absolutely terrible for my mental health. Currently my work day consists of some menial tasks, like checking in parts orders or putting away stock, in the morning and occasionally answering phones and then surfing the internet for roughly 6.5 hours. When people ask what my job is I jokingly refer to myself as an Internet Interlink Specialist. Then I explain that I spend most of the day surfing and making sure all the links work...
I am technically the co-manager in our department, but the other guy does everything managerial. Not that I can't do it, it's just easier for me to let him do it. He has short man syndrome, everybody is out to get him. When a customer returns a part they are "screwing him". If he gets inundated with calls before I get there in the morning everybody tells me he loses it. Most recently he's been having tantrums when I want to take MY vacation time. I've been here 24 years, I've earned the 20 days vacation I'm allotted every year. I try to give him at least a months notice when I'm going to take time off, he rarely does that and he'll decide to take a few days off and let me know maybe three days ahead of time. I try not to poke the animal, so to speak, the less I have to hear him bitch the better. Somebody once at an interview asked me why I wanted to leave, my response was that I felt like I was in a bad marriage and was only staying for the kids. I sound like a battered spouse...

I told someone this morning that I make more in one weekend at the renfest than I do in one week at my job. I once said that if I could guarantee I could make that kind of money consistently I'd quit and be a full time performer. So far it hasn't worked out.

What I'd really like to do is IT probably in network maintenance or administration preferably with regular corporate hours anywhere from 6-8am to 3-5pm with no weekends involved. I've studied the CCNA course material, I've done some work on a simulator, I have not taken the actual tests (there are two of them). I got my A+, which is the basic computer repair certification, back in 2001. I've done lots and lots of end user service from reloading the OS to doing file by file removal of viruses and adware (this is a lot easier now with some of the software out there, but I have had to do it the old fashion way in the past). I have on many occasions disassembled printers and fax machines in order to clean and repair them. I have wired a small office and built my own network cables. As I recently told an interviewer, I'm not afraid to jump in and get dirty. I'd prefer to not work in a call center. Talking on the phone, to me, is not enjoyable at all.

I made the comment to [ profile] renniemom this morning that yesterday morning I felt pretty good, and I hadn't had any depressing thoughts in a while and then I got here and my attitude sank all day.

I'm putting this here as a testament that I will be out of here by the end of the year. I hope putting this out and public will get the energies flowing and make me accountable.


Sep. 5th, 2014 01:58 pm
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So I had an interview for an IT position up at the prison this morning. It's amazing how ones mind can suddenly forget everything one knows when put on the spot. I don't feel I did well at all.

I'm down on myself right now because of it.

Hoping I was at least marginally better than the other four people they interviewed today. I have to get out of this place.
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Between waking up choking and the ensuing nightmare after falling back to sleep, my mind is tired.
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Since its been so long since I've done a Media Party for KCRF, does any one know if everyone (i.e. media and guests) shows up early, or do they wait until later in the evening? JS has asked me to be there and has a "call" time listed as 4pm and I just checked and sunset is 8pm that day so I figure "dark" could realistically be between 8:30 and 9pm. Personally I don't see people showing up first thing but that could just be me.

Thanks, just looking for some sort of direction.

What's up?

Jun. 5th, 2013 05:39 pm
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Good question. Couple of things come to mind so in no particular order here they are:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... )
That's the big things, I'm sure there is something I missed. I'll try not to stay away so long next time.
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Been a long time since my last post here, this is as good a reason as any. Been battling kidney stones since last Friday. ER trip Friday evening, pumped full of fluids and pain killers, got a scrip for some pain meds and anti-nausea meds with the info that the stone should pass by the end of the weekend. I had to work Saturday morning which wasn't a big deal, some intermittent pain but nothing unmanageable.
Details... ) There is an end in sight!
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Where to start? I'll just throw some stuff out and see what sticks.

The long of it... )

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Yay! Phones are out at work. Storms must have knocked em out last night. Since it's a weekend we may not have them back today. Joy! *sarcasm*
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I don't typically toot my own horn over on LJ because it just doesn't reach the number of people I can reach quickly on Facebook, but I thought you might want to know about this show.

Sicko the Clown presents "Hocus Pocus Out of Focus" 
This year we are doing three shows during the Kansas City Fringe Festival. In years past we've done  more family friendly shows, this year we've decided to ramp things up to a more adult level. No show will be like the one before it. We're bringing in Star Performers and will be serving adult beverages... It's gonna be a lot closer to Vegas than it is to Little Billys Birthday!!

This ain't your kids birthday party magic show!!

Last night I got the email with our talent lineup. Ladies and Gentledudes you are going to see some of the top entertainers in the Kansas City. I haven't been cleared to give any names yet, but I can tell you about some of our featured performers:

Performer Info... )

Okay that's it, I can't say any more... 
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 Found on a comic website I frequent, I give you Dumdumduuuummm...

Bacon Explosion )

Mmmmm.... Bacon!
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Yeah I haven't posted since March and now I post twice in one day, go figure...

Some of you may know [ profile] renniemom was involved with 4-H as a kid and now [ profile] renrat is also involved. Today linked to one of the CNN blogs about a post about how 4-H desensitizes kids to killing. (here) Not getting into that now but I like some of the user comments posted on Fark about this article.

Here are a few samples: (None of the below comments are mine)

Comments )
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Derby News:

We had our post game meeting last night, the biggest thing that will appeal to those of you interested in going is we will have a group rate available for the rest of the season. Tickets will be $10 each in groups of 10. Now I've worked with Rod long enough I know how to work a group rate.

If you want to go to the next game March 13th let me know. If I have 10 people interested then I will buy the group tickets and you only pay me $10. If I can't get 10 people interested pre-sale tickets will be $12 up to a week before the next game.

If you want to purchase online ticket sales are running through at $14 each and also at the door date of the game for $14.
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 I know I don't update very often and two days in a row just seems like a miracle,  but the knot on my left butt cheek I posted about yesterday has now turned into a purple/black bruise just smaller than the size of a dollar bill. It Still hurts.  The good news is the ankle is almost back to normal. It was slightly swollen last night when I went to bed and it gets stiff if I don't move it often enough but this morning I was walking on it just fine; only a slight twinge every once in a while.


Feb. 21st, 2011 03:08 pm
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Short and to the point: You don't know what you missed. It was epic!

The girls will be posting pics over at Facebook anytime. 

[ profile] hdsqrl and her hubby were there as well as several others Nick and myself know from faire.  Crowd total was over 550. Thats over 100 people more than the biggest matches last season. 

Dead Girl Derby expands in second season

Epic I tell ya, Epic!

Next match up is March 13th, I will have pre-sale tickets available. $14 at the door or save $2 by buying from me in advance.

And in other news: I rocked my ankle screwing around before we even got started last night. It was fine until this morning. It's sore and tender but no sharp pains. I also have a large knot on my left butt cheek from when I landed on said skate. It's tender too.

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