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 I need to catch up so I'm going to just throw some thoughts out there that I've had in the past few months.

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Anyway, it seems I've ran out of steam for this brain dump.
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I've posted on Facebook a couple of times but who knows who actually looks at that. 

I have two tickets remaining to the season opener, Night of the loving Dead: Reanimated for Dead Girl Derby on February 20th! We have until this Sunday, February 13th, to sell them at the advance price of only $12. Thats $2 off the door price. 

All matches are double headers and are held at :

River Roll Skate Center
4720 Northwest Gateway Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64150-9518

If you want them let me know and I'll arrange to get them to you this weekend.


Jan. 11th, 2011 02:15 pm
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If all you do all the time is clean up your kids shit, you will eventually get some on yourself and your kid won't learn how to wipe themselves.
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Pay down credit card debt first, and well that would be it. There wouldn't be anything left.
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From the latest wikileaks release: found here

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 So I guess I should update:

For me KCRF ended with a whisper. The crowds just didn't seem to be "into" it this year. We had several bangin' shows, but for most of them the audience was " polite", you know "don't disturb the weird guy on stage and maybe he won't notice me"... Anyway, energy never seemed to get there it just sort of fizzled.

Work has been quiet. Not a lot of orders coming in so I end up surfing the internet probably 6.5 hours of the 8 I'm here. I've started calling myself an Internet Connectivity Specialist (I make sure all the links work). I've also been trying to stay busy by doing busy work on our websites, but since I don't have unlimited access, I'm pretty limited to what I can actually accomplish. 

Exciting news, I joined the Dead Girls Derby as a ref. It's been 15 years since I've been on skates and it came back much faster than I thought it would. We practice three times a week (Monday/Wednesday 8-10pm, Sunday 10:30am-12pm) at River Roll Skate Center in Riverside. We also have a Second Chance Recruiting Night on November 16 at 8:30pm so if you are a woman (18 or older) wanting to kick some ass on the skating rink come on up. They are also looking for non-skating volunteers too, so don't let the skating stop you from showing up. Our first official bout is in February, but we'll have an exhibition bout sometime in December.

[ profile] renniemom said last night as we laid in bed she can feel the definition coming back in my butt. Yay for getting in shape again. 
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I found this in the comments of an article about  British Airways Chairman saying "stop "kowtowing" to the USA's ridiculous and inconsistent aviation "security" procedures."

Article here


We were supposed to be better than the East Germans, because we weren't searched when we crossed the border, and because we didn't have to carry our papers around with us.

We were supposed to be better than the Russians, because we didn't have to fear our own state, to watch what we say for fear of persecution and arrest.

We were supposed to be better than the Chinese, because we didn't torture people or burn books or ban art.

We were supposed to be better than the religious fundamentalists, because we didn't put one religion over the others, and because we believed in reason over ancient mythology.

We were supposed to be the country that thrived on immigration, because we knew that immigrants brought their energy and culture to all of us. I guess that was only when the immigrants were white.

We weren't supposed to be imperialists like the Spanish, the English, the French, the Dutch, and the Portuguese. We weren't supposed to be the country that killed other people to "help them" change their government to one that was friendly to ours.

Now I realize that all of the above was, to some extent, a myth. I realize that viewing ourselves as "better than" other countries is part of the problem. At this point, it seems that people still assume we're "better than" without remembering the reasons why we're supposed to be better - while we are, in fact, becoming the opposite of what we held up as an ideal.

What is most sad to me are the people who tell us to "get out" of America because we still value the ideals that made this country what it is. I think the country is passing that point that states go through, where they become overwhelmed by their own history. I think we're developing a form of capitalism that will be looked at as a form of barbarism, just as we look at feudalism today. And there we will lock ourselves up in our great castle and tell ourselves that we're much better than the folks on the other hill. I just hope the damage we do out of fear - to the rest of the world and to ourselves - is minimal.
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Last night as I drove through North Kansas City I see one of those new fangled digital billboards where the advertising rotates several images. When I first saw it an ad for Missie B's (the local drag club) was displayed  and then the billboard changed...

to a church advertising services...

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Thought I'd let everybody know ,B (also known as Buddro (boo-droh) the Hypnotist), had an awesome time this weekend. There were some minor costuming issues that were ironed out on Saturday morning, and a conflict with the volume on his sound system, but after those issues were resolved he had no problems. He said at one point he had nine people under on stage and one in the audience. With no extra room on stage he left her in the audience and did demonstrations with her there. He's still trying to work out his hat lines, but over all very pleased with the way the weekend turned out.

[ profile] billthetailor feel free to pass this and the previous post to the Mercers. I told them it read better than it did in the retelling.

And I am encouraging all my friends to to let their friends know about the hypnosis show. I predict that as the faire goes farther into it's season this show is going to get huge, judging by responses I've heard so far.

Now if we can only get them to update the faire website with something besides "An Amazing New Hypnotist"...
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Hypnosis is not something that can easily be accomplished on the grounds of a busy faire like KCRF. We found this out last weekend when the hired hypnotist came up MIA on Monday. Some friends of mine (both professional hypnotists) were out on Saturday to see the show because they were curious.

The back story )

Act 1 Scene 2

The phone on my desk rings, it's Rod wanting to know what time T'ger opens in the morning. I tell him I think somebody is there about 9am.  I ask him if he needs a new shirt. He tells me B got hired to replace the missing hypnotist. HA HA HA...

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The money comes full circle. The same guy that is part owner of Fox is also funding the  Muslim Community Center in New York City.

Watch John Stewart expose Fox as a bunch of hypocrites

"...the only way to stop the terrorists is to stop watching Fox..."

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Gudelon, a fortress castle in Puisaye : the official site of the medieval worksite.

Now this is what I call living history. And it's not expected to be done until 2025, almost 30 years in the making. Anybody wanna sponsor a trip to France?
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