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I hate these things. What do I really want anybody to know about me? To be honest as little as possible. The people that know me already have the dirt on me, and the people that don't know me, well, you just haven't been blessed yet. I might as well put something small and relatively innocent in this space so you can, at least, gauge me by what little you read here.

I'm married. I have a beautiful wife and a lovely home. We have two girls, one 24 and the other one 16. I used to work at a Mitsubishi dealer in Kansas City. Not that I really enjoyed it at the end. I now work for a company that sells and supports ID systems. We support clients in the five state region and I enjoy it most of the time. I suppose one of my non-living entity loves is magic. I got "turned on" to magic watching greats like Doug Henning, and Harry Blackstone Jr in the 70's, and then Copperfield (funny how you can reduce him to one name and people still know who he is)in the 80's.

At the end of high school I discovered the local renaissance festival (can I use those words together without getting sued?) and I've been hooked on that ever since also. I've had a lot of roles at the faire: common street character at the now defunct jail, was a guard for the court for several years, was a "man of the court" once upon a time, I've hawked for the psychics in Dunwoodie Dell, did a magic show for several years, took a couple of (forced) years off (thats a whole 'nother story). And now I'm back doing the suspended straight jacket escape with the Dr Dumpe (pronounced doom-pay) Fire Eating Show (I've got a minor gripe about this too, but directed at the festival office). Anyway that brings you up to speed on my life with HUGE gaps to be filled in later.

Update 1/27/15 - Looks like it's been about three years since I last updated this Bio thingy. I guess the biggest thing to add is that I am now headlining my own magic show at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and I've updated my website (and still don't update enough) and it's a little cleaner and a little more up to date.
UPDATED - 1/17/2017 to include new work info.
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