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Those of you on FB have seen this, I put in my two weeks notice this morning. It went much better than I had anticipated. We were concerned that I would be shown the door and wouldn't be able to work the last two weeks and lose those last weeks of pay. The Owner/General Manager, acknowledged my long history and told me if it didn't work out I was welcome to come back. I also told the Mitsubishi General Manager, he didn't really say anything and I only told him to keep him in the loop. Last was my one and only co-worker/Co-Manager. This was the one I had psyched myself up about. At times we've had a rather tense relationship and I don't always agree with his actions or attitude. I was prepared for him to give me the silent treatment and pout for the next several days, happily he actually seemed happy for me and told me several times he was glad I was able to finally get out of here.

My last day with the auto dealership is May 1st. I've been here 25+ years so I really do have a history with this place. Most of it was okay, but lately I've seen the writing on the wall, so to speak.

I will start my new position on May 11th with a small company that does photo ID badges for school districts, police departments and other businesses. They have no weekend hours which means I should be free to perform at those weekend faires I've had to pass on (and make opening weekend for OKRF for the first time since they were a fledgling faire). I will have paid training for each of the three vendors they work with, so that will be different and new. We (Dani and I) have decided that my title should be "Field Technician", even though there is no official title. I will be installing printer systems, software, and maintaining printers as well as the systems they attach to. I will be learning some database management, as well as some web tools. There will be some minor travel one or two days a month, mostly day trip type stuff, but from what I understand their current market is from Tulsa to Omaha.

One of the things I find humorous is that they don't have a company Christmas party, they have an "I Survived the Start of School" party in late September/Early October. Because schools are their primary customers they tend to get really busy between mid July and early September upgrading and installing.

I also think I will be doing some website updates or subletting them as needed. They had a guy that worked for them a several years ago that was in charge of the website, but he never got beyond doing the homepage setup. If you are interested in doing some freelance work let me know and I'll keep you in mind if they decide to go that way.

SO there it is the state of the Matt for this Quarter.
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