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Still no movement on the job front. I've interviewed at two places and both were wanting to hire quickly but have been stymied by higher ups. Which means that I haven't been rejected outright but there is no resolution coming soon.

On the other hand I've had to restart my CCNA studies, again. I have yet to get through the first book (ICND-1) without something else in life coming along and taking my time and/or distracting me. If we weren't so financially strapped right now I'd seriously consider taking night classes to get it done. There are two companies in Kansas City (ironically both at the same address) that have a 5 day course, one does the certification classes once a month the other once every six months. Once I get that first certification out of the way taking the second course (ICND-2) can take up to three years to complete without having to start over.

On the flip side, vacation happens soon and I am sooooooo looking forward to getting away from this place for a while. Sun, sand, ocean, the chickens...

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