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I'm currently looking for employment. Not because I've been fired or quit but because this place is absolutely terrible for my mental health. Currently my work day consists of some menial tasks, like checking in parts orders or putting away stock, in the morning and occasionally answering phones and then surfing the internet for roughly 6.5 hours. When people ask what my job is I jokingly refer to myself as an Internet Interlink Specialist. Then I explain that I spend most of the day surfing and making sure all the links work...
I am technically the co-manager in our department, but the other guy does everything managerial. Not that I can't do it, it's just easier for me to let him do it. He has short man syndrome, everybody is out to get him. When a customer returns a part they are "screwing him". If he gets inundated with calls before I get there in the morning everybody tells me he loses it. Most recently he's been having tantrums when I want to take MY vacation time. I've been here 24 years, I've earned the 20 days vacation I'm allotted every year. I try to give him at least a months notice when I'm going to take time off, he rarely does that and he'll decide to take a few days off and let me know maybe three days ahead of time. I try not to poke the animal, so to speak, the less I have to hear him bitch the better. Somebody once at an interview asked me why I wanted to leave, my response was that I felt like I was in a bad marriage and was only staying for the kids. I sound like a battered spouse...

I told someone this morning that I make more in one weekend at the renfest than I do in one week at my job. I once said that if I could guarantee I could make that kind of money consistently I'd quit and be a full time performer. So far it hasn't worked out.

What I'd really like to do is IT probably in network maintenance or administration preferably with regular corporate hours anywhere from 6-8am to 3-5pm with no weekends involved. I've studied the CCNA course material, I've done some work on a simulator, I have not taken the actual tests (there are two of them). I got my A+, which is the basic computer repair certification, back in 2001. I've done lots and lots of end user service from reloading the OS to doing file by file removal of viruses and adware (this is a lot easier now with some of the software out there, but I have had to do it the old fashion way in the past). I have on many occasions disassembled printers and fax machines in order to clean and repair them. I have wired a small office and built my own network cables. As I recently told an interviewer, I'm not afraid to jump in and get dirty. I'd prefer to not work in a call center. Talking on the phone, to me, is not enjoyable at all.

I made the comment to [ profile] renniemom this morning that yesterday morning I felt pretty good, and I hadn't had any depressing thoughts in a while and then I got here and my attitude sank all day.

I'm putting this here as a testament that I will be out of here by the end of the year. I hope putting this out and public will get the energies flowing and make me accountable.
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