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Been a long time since my last post here, this is as good a reason as any. Been battling kidney stones since last Friday. ER trip Friday evening, pumped full of fluids and pain killers, got a scrip for some pain meds and anti-nausea meds with the info that the stone should pass by the end of the weekend. I had to work Saturday morning which wasn't a big deal, some intermittent pain but nothing unmanageable.

Saturday night was the season opener for Dead Girl Derby. This year we're skating at Hale Arena with the championships in September at Kemper. Since I wasn't in pain at the time, I decided I would be able to skate. Three games, two as Jammer Ref, which means I was on the inside following the lead skater and keeping track of points scored. It was a long night. Doors opened at 4:45 with first game beginning at 5:30. The last game got over at 10:30 which means I skated about 3.5 hours out of the 5 we were there.

Saturday night/Sunday morning the pain started getting progressively worse. I ended up sleeping on the floor with the heating pad under my back and dosing with ibuprofen between the Percocet. The Percocet prescribed wasn't helping the pain and the ER doc had said I could supplement with ibuprofen if needed, and did I ever. The rest of Sunday was a non-day for me. I stayed in bed or on the floor most of the day eventually proving I was alive by walking to the living room Sunday evening. By this point I had figured out that the ibuprofen was working better for me, so I started doing it instead of the Percocet every other dose. I should point out that at this point I still haven't passed the stone.

Monday was an okay day, but dealing with the pain really wore me down. I hadn't been sleeping well at night because of it and I know Dani wasn't either. Tuesday was more of the same. Pain would get manageable and I would back off going to the ER again. Still no stone.

Early this morning Dani calls the ER. I haven't read my discharge papers very well. I'm supposed to do a follow-up with a urologist. So she follows through with that calling SM Med and getting me in this morning. The urologist has some x-rays taken. The stone hasn't moved, at all. He recommends lithroscopy (a sonic procedure that blasts the little buggers to bits). Explains what it is and that it has to be done as an out patient because of the way the system is set up. He also tells me that I have to stop taking ibuprofen (noooooooo!) because it's a blood thinner and there is a minor chance of bleeding. He asks about my current pain meds and the schedule. Finds out I've been prescribed the lowest dosage and the longest interval. Says I should be able to take twice (or even three times) as many in the same time period if I need it. Then explains that I don't have to take the whole dose at once. I can split the pills so that it's a more even dose over the interval, (holy crap, why didn't they explain this when I got the scrip the first time?) Anyway, wants to schedule me for Friday, except I can't do that, I'm the only one in my office Thursday and Friday this week. We reschedule for Monday and he gives me another scrip for stronger meds to last me through the weekend. There is an end in sight!
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