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Where to start? I'll just throw some stuff out and see what sticks.

1) Disneyland - Awesome trip in June where we stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel on the Disney property. Rode many rides much of which I posted on Facebook at the time. This was a well needed break after the spring and early summer that I was having. Even better was that my parents were footing the bill. My mother is an eater. I mean she likes to eat at the places she goes, so every meal was either in the park or outside the park in Downtown Disney. Disney has a reputation to uphold and the food was excellent. After spending a day and a half at each park (Disneyland and California Adventure) we headed down to San Diego (two hour drive) for two nights and one day. Took a cruise of the north bay the day we got there even got to see Tijuana off in the distance, went to the Zoo and ate at a Mexican restaurant in their historic district. San Diego is also home of one of the Navy's shipyards and it was very interesting to drive past and see all the warships at dock. Wanted to tour the USS Midway but ran out of time before we had to head back to LA (4.5 hour drive) to relax before our flight home the next day. The airport was crazy busy. United Airlines had lost their computers overnight so everything was delayed. [ profile] renniemom spent two hours in line with customer service, while also calling their customer service hotline, trying to make sure we would have a connecting flight from Denver to KC since we obviously weren't going to make our original flight. Once in Denver it was a mad dash 40 gates to make the connection and we made it to the gate just as they were closing the doors. We had to walk down to the tarmac to board our flight. Ahhh... Made it home  around midnight, about 6 hours later than we had planned but we were home. Besides the fact that vacation is always too short, it was good to get away for a while. Even if things have returned to "normal" at home again.

2)DERBY!!! - This season is over. It was nice to get back on skates again after all these years. Had a couple of close calls during games where girls came off the track at me, but nothing serious. I started the same time many of these girls did so I had the chance to watch them grow into derby girls, and I can't say it enough, and these girls have confidence and skills that I would have thought out of reach just a year ago. I'm very proud to be part of the league even if it's in support. Recruiting night is this Wednesday night if anybody is interested. Don't worry if you can't skate, or think your too out of shape, derby doesn't just change bodies it changes minds too...

3) Performing - Didn't do as many shows as in years past. Did the small faire in Omaha. Was a fun first time for me even if it was sparcely attended. Got to reconnect with some old friends and [ profile] renrat had fun walking on stilts for hours at a time. That was the only Ren event I did this summer. I was also part of the magic club show for Fringefest, even working with a sound and light guy that was bitter about having a variety show "in his theater", we did alright. Also did 6 shows in Lawrence this last weekend for Lawrence Buskerfest that Richard Renner puts together. This is the fourth year for this event and it seems to get better every year. My only complaint is that this year they scheduled shows on Sunday, which was new. Typically there has been a flatpicking competition (not part of Buskerfest) in the city park on Sunday, but I guess it wasn't happening this year and Richard decided to expand his schedule.  That meant I had to drive from home to our show in Lawrence, and as soon as that was done I had to drive all the way to Riverside for the Dead Girl Derby Championship. 

Almost forgot, Renrat got to spend a week in Colorado with the grandparents, which left us home alone but, for some reason we were too tired during the week to really enjoy our time alone. 

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I envy you the Disney, just starting the new job I didn't get a vacation this year.

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