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I don't typically toot my own horn over on LJ because it just doesn't reach the number of people I can reach quickly on Facebook, but I thought you might want to know about this show.

Sicko the Clown presents "Hocus Pocus Out of Focus" 
This year we are doing three shows during the Kansas City Fringe Festival. In years past we've done  more family friendly shows, this year we've decided to ramp things up to a more adult level. No show will be like the one before it. We're bringing in Star Performers and will be serving adult beverages... It's gonna be a lot closer to Vegas than it is to Little Billys Birthday!!

This ain't your kids birthday party magic show!!

Last night I got the email with our talent lineup. Ladies and Gentledudes you are going to see some of the top entertainers in the Kansas City. I haven't been cleared to give any names yet, but I can tell you about some of our featured performers:

The first is only doing our show July 26th (because of scheduling conflicts) and is a regular at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. He is also a featured performer at Harrah's Casino in Reno, NV and has appeared on the national televised show "Masters of Illusion".

The next performer appearing July 23rd and July  26th is somewhat of a hometown favorite, even though you may not know it. He has appeared for corporate clients like AT&T, Farmland, Ford Motor Company, and others. He has also been magical adviser for several internationally know music tours. 

The third, and the last one I'm telling you about today is a superhero of sorts. He wears a shroud of secrecy, unable to reveal his identity even though he performs all over the city several times a week for audiences of hundreds. You may have even seen him and not even known who he was. When he's not working for "The Man" he is amazing audiences with his rapier wit and magic skill. He will be appearing at all three of our shows 

Okay that's it, I can't say any more... 
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