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Yeah I haven't posted since March and now I post twice in one day, go figure...

Some of you may know [ profile] renniemom was involved with 4-H as a kid and now [ profile] renrat is also involved. Today linked to one of the CNN blogs about a post about how 4-H desensitizes kids to killing. (here) Not getting into that now but I like some of the user comments posted on Fark about this article.

Here are a few samples: (None of the below comments are mine)

Even the most militant vegan prosthelyzer must realize that food-animals are not killed out of hate any more than a lion hates a gazelle. Cows are killed because it's necessary to kill them before eating them.

If that's supposed to be propaganda, it fails miserably & comes across as being intentionally idiotic.
I grew up next to the Amish in rural northern MI, and was in 4-H from 9-17 yrs old. We took trips to the Detroit zoo for biology class, and I was shocked they had a petting zoo area, where you could get up close with cows, sheep, goats, etc. Only thing running through my mind was, why the fark would you wanna pet dinner, and how is this an attraction? Silly city folk.------------------
Well I did learn how to shoot guns in 4-H and got my hunter's license (You don't see many teen girls doing that I bet) plus my mom was the archery instructor so I became rather good with a compound bow as well. I'm sick of all of the tree-hugging hippies bashing all of our fun :P
... Did CNN buy out The Onion?
I knew someone who majored in animal husbandry.

Until they caught him at it.

Thank you Tom Lehrer.

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OH OH Fark! I had totally forgotten about Fark. Something to do for the rest of the afternoon thanks!

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