Feb. 22nd, 2011

pastmagic: (Derby)
 I know I don't update very often and two days in a row just seems like a miracle,  but the knot on my left butt cheek I posted about yesterday has now turned into a purple/black bruise just smaller than the size of a dollar bill. It Still hurts.  The good news is the ankle is almost back to normal. It was slightly swollen last night when I went to bed and it gets stiff if I don't move it often enough but this morning I was walking on it just fine; only a slight twinge every once in a while.
pastmagic: (Derby)
Derby News:

We had our post game meeting last night, the biggest thing that will appeal to those of you interested in going is we will have a group rate available for the rest of the season. Tickets will be $10 each in groups of 10. Now I've worked with Rod long enough I know how to work a group rate.

If you want to go to the next game March 13th let me know. If I have 10 people interested then I will buy the group tickets and you only pay me $10. If I can't get 10 people interested pre-sale tickets will be $12 up to a week before the next game.

If you want to purchase online ticket sales are running through brownpapertickets.com at $14 each and also at the door date of the game for $14.

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